Culinary Development

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We develop recipes to create innovative menus for your restaurant.

At Gilkey Restaurant Consulting, food is our passion! As food & beverage consultants, we believe food is the essence and soul of the restaurant. It is what first comes to mind when guests are making a dining decision and causes them to return to your restaurant time and time again.

Our approach when creating innovative menus, in-depth recipe development, and delectable food offerings is to focus on creating food with integrity, honesty and crave-ability.  We know food made from scratch and cooked to order sets the foundation of excellence in a restaurant’s food culture.

In every case, we like to align ourselves with clients who share our same passion for food. Our food & beverage consultants have found collaboration between enthusiastic clients always results in an outstanding food program.

Recipe Development

Our experience as Executive Chefs enables us to present recipes that taste great, increase frequency, and create a buzz in the community.

Our food and beverage development includes (but is not limited to):

  • Master Recipe Manual – standardized recipes which include detailed product specifications, ingredient proportions, portion sizes, detailed production methods and procedures and photographs to ensure test kitchen consistency
  • Food Order Guide Specifications and Vendor Specifications
  • Detailed Recipe Costing and Gross Profit Analysis
  • Kitchen Operating Systems – Our food & beverage consultants will produce prep production sheets, station schematics, station set-up sheets, through-put analysis and training, cleaning checklists
  • Kitchen Equipment and Supplies Specifications
  • Equipment Training and Maintenance Procedures
  • Food Handling and Safety Programming

Our kitchen management systems and recipe development will give you the courage and confidence to quit reinventing your concept and instead focus on executing what you know you do well!

Contact our team today to get started in culinary development today!