What Does a Restaurant Consultant Do?

With its vast complexity and high failure rates, the restaurant industry necessitates a deep understanding of culinary expertise and business acumen. A restaurant consultant is a critical asset for new and established dining establishments. These professionals combine industry experience, operational knowledge, and strategic planning skills to enhance a restaurant's profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Below, we delve into restaurant consultants' multifaceted roles and contributions, shedding light on how they can transform a restaurant's fortunes. Concept Development and Branding A compelling concept and strong brand are at the heart of any successful restaurant. Restaurant consultants are instrumental in developing or ... Read More

Fast Casual Concepts | Fast Casual Dining

As the country reopens after a year-long shut down of most businesses, more and more restauranteurs are deciding to remain in fast casual or take out model. After seeing the proven sales, without the inflated labor of front of house staffing, and the guarantee of quality food, trimmed down businesses are here to stay. When Covid lock downs began sweeping the nation, many operators had to pivot their business to maintain income levels to support their lease and loans. Even though they were shut down, it did not mean they had no expenses. So, becoming creative was a necessity. In ... Read More

Ghost Kitchens

Thinking about opening a Ghost Kitchen? Think about Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group to assist you. With over 100,000 virtual kitchens available in the country now, it is a rapidly growing, financially successful market. The growth of third-party delivery systems, such as DoorDash and Postmates, and recently empty restaurant spaces has revealed a unique opportunity for restaurateurs. One example of the popularity growth is employed by a man named Robert Earl. If you have ordered food from Umami Burger, Sam's Crispy Chicken, Krispy Rice, Plant Nation, Ella Mia, La Gente by C3, Flavortown by Guy Fieri, Mr. Beast Burgers by ... Read More

In-House Promotions for your Restaurant

Scheduling in-house promotions can effectively build restaurant sales. While Friday and Saturday nights are usually busy, weeknight business can present a great opportunity to boost overall sales. If you are not routinely scheduling promotions, you may be missing an effective way to grow your business and attract a variety of new guests that may otherwise not visit your restaurant. To get started survey your team and gather their Promotional ideas – you’ll be surprised at how effective this can be – and if you decide to act on one or more of their ideas, you’ll have willing participants as a ... Read More

Creating a Pet Friendly Restaurant

I’m sure you’ve noticed bringing a pet to a restaurant is increasing in popularity. Many of your guests would like to bring their pet or emotional support animal along with them when they go out to dinner but may have difficulty finding pet-friendly restaurants. As a restaurant owner, you can attract new guests by welcoming guests with their pet or ESA when they dine out. There are several easy ways to create a pet-friendly establishment and offer pet owners the opportunity to bring their beloved animals along. Local Laws First, check your state and local health codes before preparing a ... Read More

Accommodating the Latest Dietary Trends

As a restaurant owner it is important you are responding to the latest trends and dietary preferences for today’s restaurant guests. As new information is discovered about foods and how they interact with our bodies, it is critical that your restaurant adapts to these trends offering options to meet your guests changing needs. There are several ways to accomplish this, first stay in touch with the latest trends. Guests encounter influential information about Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Low Carb and Gluten Free diets and how they affect one’s health and strength. Your goal as a restaurateur is to provide balance within ... Read More

Easy & Free Advertising Ideas for New Restaurants

When you open a restaurant, it’s not enough just to open your doors to the public – the public has to know you’re there! The foodservice industry is extremely competitive, and opening a new restaurant is an expensive investment. Most restaurants fail due to insufficient or ineffective advertising. If people aren’t thronging your restaurant, it could be because there hasn't been enough marketing. As a restaurant owner, you need to advertise for free within your community and on the internet to reach the largest number of people at the lowest possible cost. Marketing your restaurant can sometimes be tricky, but ... Read More