We like helping our clients succeed and grow.

At the end of the day, it’s not that complicated. We’ve been where you are, we know what it feels like, and it feels good to help with your brand development.

Tenet 1

Food, Glorious Food

It should go without saying: food is our passion, and we enjoy aligning ourselves with clients who share this passion. Our experience as Executive Chefs uniquely qualifies us to develop exceptional menu offerings for your restaurant. Ultimately, we will not consider the job done until your guests are emotionally connected to the experience and their immediate response is, “Wow!” If it doesn’t delight, satisfy, or surprise the senses, what’s the point?

Tenet 2

Knowledge is Cheap, Wisdom is Priceless

It’s easy to overestimate the importance of information. At Gilkey Restaurant Consulting we remind ourselves that our value to our clients is not just our knowledge, but the considered and creative application of our experience—in a way that serves our clients’ needs, not our egos.

Tenet 3

Count on Us

If you’ve spent any time in this business you know accountability can be in short supply. It’s easy to shrug off responsibility and move on to the next client. At Gilkey Restaurant Consulting, we take our reputation seriously. Integrity and professionalism are important to us. We listen to our clients, we fix our mistakes, and we tell the truth.

Tenet 4

Sharing With our Brothers and Sisters

We believe supporting those in need is a basic human responsibility. Our team embraces this social calling by distributing 5% of our earnings to Bellevue Presbyterian Church. This church supports dozens of non-profits we feel beautifully support those in need. If you decide to engage with our team, rest assured you will be supporting great causes as the examples listed below.

EASTSIDE ACADEMY – Inspiring change in the lives of at-risk youth through high-school education, counseling, recovery, housing, and life skills programs in a Christ-centered environment.

JUBILEE REACH “LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS” – The mission of Jubilee Reach is to bring healing, build community, and transform the lives of students and their families in Bellevue Washington. We believe every child has the desire to be loved, known, affirmed and belong to something greater than self. Our presence in the Bellevue public schools provides students with a trusted ally and creates an inclusive community among students.

SEATTLE UNION GOSPEL MISSION – Seattle's Union Gospel Mission is a passionate community of people who follow Christ in his relentless, redeeming love for all people. Our mission is to serve, rescue, and transform those in greatest need through the grace of Jesus Christ.

RWANDA CENTER FOR CHAMPIONS – Our mission is to share the love of Jesus through LIFE on LIFE mentoring relationships where youth and families find hope, values, and skills in order to discover God’s plan for their lives and be a positive influence in their communities.