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Gilkey Restaurant Consulting doesn’t just work with brick and mortar restaurants – we also do food truck consulting for owners and operators of mobile restaurants. If you’re considering starting a food truck business, you may not be aware that there are restaurant professionals who can help you plan and execute your food truck business efficiently and profitably.

As a food truck consultant, Gilkey Restaurant Consulting can provide you with industry insight gained from years of experience that can help you with all phases of your food truck business. Our services include:

  • Existing food truck business consulting
  • New concept development
  • Permitting and licensing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Budget and financing

Our professional food truck consulting services can assist your existing food truck business by evaluating ways to streamline processes to make your overall bottom line healthier by increasing profitability. If you’re developing the concept for your food truck business, we can offer experience and industry knowledge to help you nail down the perfect concept for your business and develop it into a solid, marketable concept.

As with any business, special permits and licenses are required when operating a food truck business. Gilkey food truck consulting services include handling the application process and obtaining of any special operating licenses and/or permits required for your food truck business.

Effective marketing strategies are essential to the success of your food truck business. As your professional food truck consultant, Gilkey Restaurant Consulting will work with you to develop dynamic marketing strategies that get the word out about your food truck business using everything from traditional media such as printed ads, radio and television, to social media and impactful signage that gets your message out there for the hungry world to see.

A well-structured budget and reliable financing are key to running an efficient, profitable food truck business, and Gilkey’s restaurant professionals can help you structure the type of budget that accommodates all your business needs without waste. We’ll help you manage financing so that every dollar is accounted for and put to the best possible use.

Whether you have an existing food truck business that needs help or are in the planning stages preparing to launch a new business, let Gilkey Restaurant Consulting help you increase the profitability of your food truck today!