The Rising Chef Use of Dehydrators to Concentrate Flavors and Extend Their Products

How is your favorite chef in the city using up his/her counter space in the kitchen? It just might be with a dehydrator. It may not be as sexy as the Sous Vide machine but the dehydrator is as practical and durable as any chef will need.Why is the Dehydrator Trending Right Now?The dehydrator is gaining popularity by chefs all around the country—and for several reasons. It allows chefs to reduce their daily food waste, and it gives them a whole new platform to be creative and innovative (in a way they haven’t been before). Chef Taymor at Alma uses ... Read More

Celebrity Chefs Take Restaurant Concepts to Sport's Stadiums

Does it feel like celebrity chefs aren’t just taking over cable TV, but your favorite chain hotels and cruise ship lines? The truth is, there’s never been a better (and more delicious) time to be obsessed with food. Celebrity chefs aren’t just on your TV—but now, they’re showing up at the ball game. Head to your local stadium, and you’ll be able to enjoy gourmet game day food because celebrity chefs are taking over the professional sports space.From New York to Seattle, Rejoice in Some Really Good FoodIf you’re a Yankees fan, then you have something to look forward to ... Read More

To Sign and Logo or not Sign and Logo

There’s never been a more exciting time to visit a new restaurant—because more than ever before, chefs are providing that less is now more. In the last year or two, sharable plates (such as small plates, tapas and tasting menus) have gained in popularity, and there’s no big question as to why: it allows tables to not only have fun with a variety of food, but it sparks up the conversation. Restaurants are dialing back the glitzy logos, and in-your-face signage for something of a different sort: high technology and a higher quality of food than ever before.The Focus in ... Read More

Put a Little Cherry on Your Sunday (With Insane Sundaes!)

Vivo 53, a restaurant that is known for their pizzas (with a crust so perfect it took them 53 tries to get it right), has been behind the creation of something a little sweeter—insane, off-the-wall, decadent ice cream sundaes. If you want something a little sweet, a little indulgent, and a little bit off of the grid dessert wise, Vivo 53 has your back. In fact, they have four of them for you! Four huge, sharable ice cream sundaes that you’ve never experienced before—just consider them the family style portion of desserts—because kids and adults alike will get full and ... Read More


LU LU Craft Bar + Kitchen is in the truest sense an authentic family owned farm-to-table restaurant. Owned and operated by the Easterday family; the Easterday’s have been farming and ranching in Washington’s Columbia Basin since 1958, when advancements allowed the land north of Pasco to be irrigated. The Easterday philosophy is to raise crops and animals with care and respect, and tend gently to the soil that sustains it all. They have been doing this for four generations and it is a great source of pride for them.LU LU Craft Bar + Kitchen’s goal is to bring that same ... Read More

What Can Full Service Restaurants Learn From Healthy Grab-and-Go Lunches Served at Grocery Stores?

If you’re no longer buying individual items at the grocery store to make up for your weeks’ worth of lunches (and instead choosing a handful of ‘grab-and-go’ pre-packaged lunches), you’re not alone. In fact, many big time manufacturers have jumped on board, selling sandwiches, salads and wraps –and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. What can full service restaurants learn from their emerging trend? This article will cover it all.Convenient Food, Escalating ProfitWhether you’re looking for a healthy lunch option for yourself, or for your four children and husband, grocery store chains on acting on a ... Read More

Is Instagram Taking Over Yelp’s Social Media Stronghold?

A decade ago, restaurant coinsurers and casual diners alike were referring to Yelp, the digital one stop place for food lovers everywhere to read reviews, and learn about any restaurant they wanted that peaks their interest. But now, times have changed—and with modern times, come the modern ‘review’ – in pictures. Here, we’ll examine the benefits of Instagram, and if it’s in fact, taken over Yelp’ strong media presence.Click, Eat and TweetWe live in a world of instant gratification—which means that foodies (and the rest of the world that simply cares about eating) needs to see what they’re going to ... Read More

Rise in Popularity of Digital Ordering at the Table

Chili’s Grill and Bar does it. Applebee’s customers rave about it, and Uno Chicago Grill restaurants depend on it. Why? Because the benefits of having tabletop tablets—so customers can order food, play games and win contests—are proving to be too many to count. Here’s some of the many reasons that the popularity of digital ordering at the table has been such a hit.It’s an Overall Profit BoosterZiosk, a Dallas based technological company has been making tablets to fit on the tabletops of large chain restaurants such as Chili’s, Applebee’s and others for several years now—and for these restaurants, it’s continued ... Read More

Rise in Women Chef’s, CEO’s and Restaurant Owners

While the culinary world may be male dominated, female chefs, CEO’s and restaurant owners are quickly showing the world that they have just what it takes to stand the heat in the kitchen. In fact, the next time you eat out at your favorite restaurant there’s a good chance a female was behind the culinary cuisine you just savored. Learn what female trailblazers are doing to make their mark, and how they’re taking over some of the best restaurants in the world.Women Chefs Are Blazing a TrailOver the last twenty years, the numbers of skilled and artistically innovative female chefs ... Read More

Rise in Popularity of Independent Distilleries Nationally

People’s tastes are evolving and so are breweries across the country with the rise of independent distilleries. Washington State, Michigan (home to 40 distilleries alone!), and Colorado are just a few states where independent artesian distilleries are paving the way for a new type of culture and one that just happens to taste delicious. Craft Liquor is the New Brewing Game A trend that you’re probably familiar with is craft beer. It’s a movement that’s been around for a few decades now, but be on the lookout for the new trend to cheer—independent distilleries, which make liquor with local grains ... Read More