Hottest Restaurant Winter Menu Items

When it gets cold outside, people start looking for warm comfort foods to ward off the chill. Now is the time to update your restaurant menu with some traditional favorites along with seasonal surprises to keep your customers coming back to warm up this winter.


Everyone loves a warm savory soup this time of year including potato leek, seafood chowder, and roasted tomato to name a few. Offer soup by the cup or the bowl, as an appetizer, or meal, and, don't forget fresh baked cheddar chive biscuits on the side. Offer chili with cornbread too.

Comfort Foods

If you are open for breakfast, now is the time to add hot cereals to the menu. Top them off strawberries, blueberries, bananas, or most any fruit in season. For the lunch and dinner crowd, it is pot pie time, and America's favorite is chicken! But, consider a vegan pot pie with a cornbread crust, perfect for vegans. Change up the menu with a variety of mac and cheeses, and definitely add chicken with waffles.


We've already mentioned mac and cheese, but don't forget other pasta such as Alfredo or Bolognese. For fun change up the noodle varieties to thin casarecce, trofie, rigatoni, or conchiglie.

Tender Meats

Winter brings braised chuck roast to the table, or a slow roasted beef short-ribs. Don't forget mushroom meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes, as well as rotisserie chicken, or slow roasted turkey breast with stuffing.

Warm Desserts

Along with yummy soups and entrees, cold weather brings on a desire for warm apple pie with a dollop of ice cream, along with pumpkin and pecan. Something else particularly good with ice cream in winter is warm, heated gooey brownies.

Holiday Themed Items

Holiday offerings are always great additions to a Winter menu. Try offering creamy spiced pumpkin coffee, peppermint hot chocolate and a hot buttered rum. Gingerbread is always a popular flavor during the season as well. And speaking of gingerbread, create your own gingerbread, cranberry, or peppermint chocolate cheesecake. Or perhaps try eggnog cupcakes. The options are endless! For more ideas, search Pinterest and see what amazing recipes you can find.

Don't Forget About the Kids

Don't forget special menu items for the younger crowd. A few to consider include reindeer-shaped pancakes with a cherry nose on one, snowball cookies, Santa strawberries with whip cream, and Grinch-green cookies for all of those Who.There are a lot of ways for your restaurant to be of particular appeal when a winter storm arrives. If you need some help with your winter menu and how to spruce up your eatery for the holiday season, don't hesitate! Contact Gilkey Restaurant Consulting today, so we can help you make plans now and through well into the New Year.