Importance for Review Sites for Restaurant Success

In today's world, it is not only important but essential for any restaurant to have good online reviews. That isn't only on your own website or Facebook page but through review impact sites including Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Zomato. There have been many studies performed on this, all with similar results. According to Modern Restaurant Management, negative review impact affects the restaurant business more than any other industry including hotels. Negative reviews can kill a restaurant; positive reviews coupled with high star values (fives and fours) will fill up the tables.

How to Get Positive Reviews

First off, claim all of your business listings on all those review sites.

Stagnant listings and a lack of information are quick ways to lose potential customers to another eatery.

Consider reading, evaluating, and responding to reviews as a part of your job description.

Set aside time if not daily, often, in which to do this. When responding do so in a positive manner, even if the review was negative. For example, if someone complains that the food was cold, respond that you apologize if that was the case, and you are looking into the matter to get it corrected. Be sure to invite them back.

Be proactive!

Whether speaking with a regular customer, or a first-time customer, encourage them to leave a review, either on the site they located your restaurant, or any review site popular with your type of clientele in your location.

Lastly, offer an incentive for customers to leave reviews.

Say, "When you leave a review of our restaurant on Yelp, will give you a slice of pie on the house!" Don't ask for a positive review. That could be considered tainting your reviews. Simply ask for a review, period.

The Importance of Mobile Data

Nearly everyone turns to their smartphones for answers these days and finding a place to have their next meal just maybe one of the most asked questions. Consider this,

  • Recently, published data from Business Insider in an article revealing that from 2016 to 2021, the data traffic on mobile devices will have increased by 700%.
  • Secondly, some 90% of travel-related markets which are key in the restaurant business, according to HubSpot, feel having a strategy to deal with mobile devices including smartphones¸ is vital in order to succeed.

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