Retaining Employees in 2020 – Adapting to a Millennial Workforce

The restaurant industry is comprised of mostly millennial workers. In fact, about 50% of all restaurant industry employees fall into the ‘millennial’ category. When it comes to retaining your employees and keeping your workers happy, this is important to keep in mind when developing employee retention plans and initiatives.

Millennials are a lot different than older generations. They value and desire different things in their lives, which is why it’s important to understand the behaviors and needs of that generation.

How to Adapt to the Millennial Workforce

Millennials expect to be fired or let go regularly, so they want work that is directly in line with their own career goals. They watched their parents work hard and be absent from the home and not receive the rewards work tends to provide. From their observation the world has proven nothing is a guarantee.

That is why they are interested in learning skills and experiences that help them improve their career prospects. As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to offer skill development and mentoring Because millennials don’t expect to stay a long time in their jobs, their interest is what can benefit them now. They work incredibly hard, but they need to feel like what they’re working toward aligns with their own personal goals and aspirations.

Because of their unique mindset, long term career paths and opportunities are of no interest to them in the restaurant industry. Development plans have to be short enough to keep their attention. It’s important to create a management-employee partnership. They will work hard for a company if they feel they are getting something out of it that benefits them.

Millennials also have a different outlook when it comes to loyalty. In short, they respect authority and have loyalty, but it needs to be earned. In fact, loyalty is the number one reason millennials stay in their job. As a leader and/or business owner, you must earn their affection, which is why relationship building is a critical aspect when retaining employees in 2020. Genuinely caring about your employees goes a long way, especially with the millennial workforce.

The older generation places a high value on money, whereas millennials value work-life balance. Time off from work is important to them, and unlike the Boomer generation, they aren’t interested in making a sacrifice for a job that may not be there in 6 months. Offer extra incentives, benefits, and bonuses, especially during holidays or times when you may be short staffed. Be flexible with employee time off requests and ensure you are valuing their time. The way you treat your employees can ultimately determine the fate of your restaurant.

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