The Disappearance of Performance Management in our Industry

It has been our observation that in many segments of the restaurant industry today, performance management skills and discipline has seemingly disappeared. We at Gilkey Restaurant Consulting believe performance management is critical to the success of any food and beverage business. Your people are your greatest asset and investing in their ability to manage results and lead a team is good for their development and your business. We have found implementation of performance management skills ensures high quality and consistency.

What is it & why is it important?

Simply put, performance management is a process of activities that present the greatest likelihood to consistently meet goals and objectives in an effective and efficient manner. PM improves the ability of an organization to focus on the performance of the organization, department, employee, product, or service. PM reminds us that being busy is not the same as producing results. It reminds us that commitment and hard work alone is not the same as results. PM most important contribution is its ability to focus the team on achieving results. PM redirects our efforts away from the busyness of day- to-day operations toward the effective use of management work processes and results.

Performance management is not just about giving performance reviews or writing employees up for poor performance. It is an ongoing process and systems development that inspire and motivate employees to strive for improved performance and the rewards that it brings. Performance management is less about managing employees based on their current level of performance, and more about helping them achieve greatness and reach their potential in the future. Again this is good for them and good for your business in the long term.

It has been our experience implementation of PM and solid operating systems can yield consistent results. Clear expectations give employees confidence; when they know what is expected of them, they have a clear goal to shoot for. When you are setting the standard in your own performance, your employees will want to emulate your actions.

At Gilkey Restaurant Consulting, we offer our clients performance management training and development services that will help ensures your team and business grow. Contact us today and learn how our team can help you implement effective performance management disciplines and achieve success in every aspect of your restaurant business.