TGRCG Develops a New Garlic-Ginger Shrimp for Kigo Kitchen as well as Assists with Profitability

Kigo Kitchen – Seattle, WA

Last November Kigo Kitchen opened in Seattle providing a lunchtime destination for South Lake Union workers with its customized Asian-inspired bowls. Kigo Kitchens’ bowls include stir-fried white or brown rice, yakisoba noodles or salad. Each bowl is then made to order with a sauce, veggies and a protein. Kigo Kitchen is another compelling addition to this rapidly growing fast casual restaurant segment.

Fast casual restaurants are positioned between fast food and casual dining restaurants. While fast casual restaurants provide fast food-type counter service, they are far more customized, with fresher and higher quality ingredients. And often, as with Kigo Kitchen, in a more upscale atmosphere and inviting ambiance.

Kigo Kitchen’s proteins include seasoned and brined roasted chicken, braised spiced pork shoulder, rubbed and grilled pepper steak, glazed and spiced baked tofu, shelled edamame or “just veggies.”

Looking for another bold flavored protein, TGRCG culinary team developed Garlic-Ginger Shrimp. Now when customers approach the long counter of fresh menu options, Garlic-Ginger Shrimp can be wok-fried with their rice or noodles.

In addition to culinary development, TGRCG is working with the Kigo Kitchens team on profitability. Kigo Kitchen uses house-made sauces and marinates and brines in-house meats, yet most bowl prices at Kigo Kitchen range from only $6.50 – $10. To remain economical yet using healthier ingredients takes additional efforts.

TGRCG has helped the Kigo team increase profitability 10%. Kigo Kitchen is a viable addition to the fast casual restaurant segment and a bold-flavored healthy addition to the Seattle restaurant landscape.