Starpoint Properties Taps The Gilkey Group to Create and Open Vivo 53

VIVO 53 – Ft. Worth, TX

For the last 18 months Starpoint Property owners and the Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group have been crafting a new pizzeria, Vivo 53. The owners selected TGRCG to develop the brand, design the concept, design the kitchen, develop the menu, write the recipes and develop the operation’s manual. After creating the brand, TGRCG lead the opening process, trained the management team as well as the team members.

Two locations have been selected for the Vivo 53 brand. The Ft. Worth location, which opened in January 2015, is in a 4,500 square foot space and is located in popular Sundance Square. A second location is 4,000 square feet and located in Bellevue, Washington at the prestigious Kemper Collection and is due open in the fall of 2015.

Vivo 53 is about artisan pizza. Hand crafted – made with integrity and precision – wood fired.

Vivo’s experience begins with pizza, and more importantly its proprietary artisan crust. To make a great pizza crust it is more about bread baking as it is crust making. Vivo’s high quality ingredients and exclusive baking methods result in a well-structured, flavorful, artisan crust which can stand-up to rich cheeses and house cured meats. It is crackling, well salted, a treat worthy of eating all by itself.

Each pizza begins with the finest ingredients available. Our crust is made from enriched fine flour and topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella fresco, extra virgin olive oils, garlic, herbs and spices, Italian cured meats, and organic vegetables.

Vivo’s Pastas are equally as compelling. Each made with durum pasta, cooked al dente and awash in robust, house made sauces and artisan cheeses. As a final touch Vivo Chefs finish each pentola (a decorative Italian pot) with fresh shaved provola and mozzarella di buffalo and served directly to the table. Vivo 53s “Pasta Cremoso Pentola” will always be piping hot, feature smooth velvety string cheeses, bold flavors and delightfully entertaining to share.

TGRCG also supported the development of Vivo’s pastas. Each pasta dish is made with durum pasta, cooked al dente and topped with flavorful, housemade sauces and artisan cheeses. The theatre kitchen and bar is a constant hub of activity from the Chef’s table and live working food displays central to their design.

The Gilkey Group’s is pleased to have played a key role in the early recognition from several social media sites with near perfect scores. The Gilkey Restaurant Group applauds Vivo 53’s success in Ft. Worth.