Sous Vide Cooking

Who said cooking had to be time consuming? Sous vide cooking creates tender, juicy steaks, pork chops or poultry. Sous vide cooking provides flexibility, skill and perfect timing—making anyone a trained and experienced chef.

Sous What?

A French cooking method that translates to “under vacuum,” this style of cooking is popular with both amateur and professionals alike. Food, most commonly meat, is placed in an airtight bag and sealed or “vacuumed.” The bag is then placed in a temperature controlled water bath, and cooked for a longer period of time and with a lower temperature than you would when cooking on a BBQ or in the oven.

The Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

There are many benefits of this cooking style. There’s no wonder why so many people depend on it when hosting a dinner party or have a ‘seal it and forget about it’ attitude. The sous vide method is a no fuss way to have a perfect and evenly cooked meal. Due to its lower temperature when cooking meat the sous vide method, you never have to worry about your steak, chicken or lamb chops being unevenly cooked when it’s time to eat.

Do you want to change up your cooking game? Here’s some great benefits of sous vide cooking. It’ll make you an expert to this French culinary way of life in no time at all:

· Forget about the overcooking dilemma. If you struggle with overcooking food Sous vide cooking is the perfect solution. Because of its low temperature it holds moisture in without overcooking the outside. The end result is an evenly cooked piece of meat or vegetables, (although vegetables need to be cooked at a higher temperature than meat does).

· You don’t have to struggle to time everything perfectly. It’ll keep your meal hot while you tend to other things, such as garnishing plates or refiling your guest’s wine glasses.

· It’s less shrinkage, more delicious food to enjoy! When you cook food at higher temperatures, food can shrink up to 30 percent. When you cook the sous vide way, you’ll deal with just a mere 5 percent loss.

· Cook an entire meal in a sous vide bath! Place your veggies, meat and even dessert together in one bath, and never have to worry about a lack of oven or stove space again.

Whether you’re cooking style is minimizing the amount of time you actually spend cooking, or you struggle to get everything timed just right, cooking the sous vide way could be the ideal way to cook! Choose your meal, set your temperature and vacuum it up. You can’t go wrong, and you’re bound to impress even the pickiest of guests.