Small Plate Offerings Continue Dominating Menus

You may want to bring a different type of appetite to your next dinner out. That’s because the popular and rapidly growing food trend continues to be the small plate offering. It’s taking over menus across the country and for good reason. Whether you want to keep your eating habits in check or you simply want to enjoy a little of this, a little bit of that, small plates give you variety, portion control and a limitless selection of options. Let’s explore what the small plate big taste trend is all about.

Plates and Portions

Every type of eatery—from chain restaurants to celebrity chef-owned establishments are jumping on the small plate bandwagon. Some restaurants like Caso Mono are devoting a section of their menu to ‘snack size’ portions, while other restaurants such as Coliccio’s provide an all-appetizer menu. For many, appetizer-sized meals prove to be the perfect way to dine while enjoying their favorites while also having the opportunity to try a whole new way of dining!

Downsized Meals Are All the Rage; Just Ask Some of the Most Popular Chain Restaurants!

There may be nothing worse than ordering a burger and fries only to taste that first bite and discover it’s not what you thought it would be. Or, to be unable to decide what it is you want to order among the menu’s many delicious, mouthwatering options. Small plates continue to be the perfect choice for those guests who do not want to limit themselves to one entrée, or couples who enjoy sharing their dishes.

The popular chain restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, has jumped one of the most popular dining out trends—in fact, they have a whole section of their menu designed and catered to ‘small plate’ lovers. Choose between tapas, crispy Cuban rolls or fresh basil, tomatoes and cheese flatbread.

Head to Subterra restaurant, and enjoy a glass of wine with your favorite small plate dish. Choose from oysters on the half shell, house-cured salmon or a housemade chicken pate. If you want to enjoy not just a small plate—but a beautiful one as well—you’ll find it at Txikito, the popular New York restaurant that proves with their gorgeous selection of French, Mexican and Japanese tapas, that small plates can look sophisticated as well as tempt your taste buds.

Small plates are everywhere and quickly growing nationwide. Forget the entrée, because as many restaurant’s small plate selection proves, bigger isn’t always better. Share, eat and enjoy a whole different type of menu, for a whole new dining experience!