To Sign and Logo or not Sign and Logo

There’s never been a more exciting time to visit a new restaurant—because more than ever before, chefs are providing that less is now more. In the last year or two, sharable plates (such as small plates, tapas and tasting menus) have gained in popularity, and there’s no big question as to why: it allows tables to not only have fun with a variety of food, but it sparks up the conversation. Restaurants are dialing back the glitzy logos, and in-your-face signage for something of a different sort: high technology and a higher quality of food than ever before.

The Focus in on the Food

Technological devices like tableside menus in the form of tablets and iPads have replaced the need for over-the-top signage and loud logos. There’s no longer a need to spend money on advertising when you have a constant, digital reminder for customers at the table. A streamlined ordering customer experience gives everyone at the table a visual of what they can choose from, pairing suggestions and gorgeous shots of what will soon be brought to their table. With a new focus on minimal signage which has been replaced with state of the art technology, everyone can benefit.

Less Signage for Restaurants That Hone in on Local Sourcing

Check out a new restaurant that just moved into your neighborhood—because there’s a good chance you can see minimal signage, thanks to the focus being on high quality ingredients and local sourcing. A top trend this year are chefs that are planting local roots in their community with farmers, so that the quality of the food reaches a new level of expectation. Many of these chefs are also trying to control as much of the ingredients they cook with as possible, with more items than ever before that are made without chemicals or genetically modified ingredients. Southeastern Asian flavors are complimenting locally sourced fish, non-traditional eggs (such as emu eggs) are topped on homemade wood burning pizzas, and hybrid desserts are replacing flashy signs and logos. When a croissant combined with a donut (or an ice cream sundae topped with lollipops and candy) is on the menu, you don’t need a fancy logo to persuade you to order—it’ll sell itself! From made-from-scratch items to nontraditional meats (such as bison, ostridge and emu), and even root to stalk to plate cooking, there’s no longer a need for high priced, flashy signs anymore. The focus is truly on the quality of the food, how it’s been sourced, and how it’s presented on your plate. These days, it’s never looked so delicious!