Should You Offer Valet? Perks of This Value Added Service

The worst way to sit down for a relaxing meal at your favorite restaurant is by being in a state of frustration because it took you three times longer to find a parking spot than you thought it would. The best way to start your meal? By pulling up, and having a superior valet service do all the work for you. Here are some perks as to why it’ll add value for your guests, and a few reasons why you won’t ever regret it.

You’re Adding a Premium Service to a Premium Dining Experience

You already have an amazing, beautiful restaurant that your customers love to dine at. For some, it may even be their indulgence—the one thing they do for themselves each week, or month. After all, what’s better than great food? As it turns out, it could be what you do BEFORE they even step foot in your restaurant that makes the most impact. By taking the frustration out of their inability to find a parking spot (in an overly crowded parking lot, which you can’t control) with a valet service, you’re turning a great dining experience into a superior one.

You’ll Improve Customer Flow

Do you have a problem with heavy traffic volume without nearly enough parking spots to accommodate your guests? Everyone loves to eat out, enjoy a delicious meal and have an opportunity to forget their worries and stress—so why not guarantee they’ll have that experience they want at your restaurant?It starts the minute they pull into your parking lot.

Put them at ease by adding a valet service they will greet them with a smile, park their car, and allow them to feel restful and relaxed as they walk into your restaurant. Offering a valet service can improve your profit, as well. With valet attendants on your staff, they will work efficiently and swiftly so that you can achieve an increased customer flow. Add a valet service to your business, and you can achieve an additional revenue opportunity.

You’ll Provide Them (an Additional) Opportunity to Demonstrate Superior Customer Service

If one of your biggest concerns is standing out from the pack of other great restaurants in the neighborhood—or even the city—it’s time to consider an easy way that you can demonstrate your uniqueness and superiority. Go valet! By adding this one service to your restaurant, you can result in big time profit. Give your customers superior service before they even sit down at their table, and you’ve got a customer for life.