Seattle's Oldest Restaurant Adds a 24-hour Second Location

Lost Lake Café and Lounge5-Point Café and Bar, Seattle, WA

The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group (TGRCG) is working with the owners of Lost Lake Café and Lounge, The 5-Point Café and Bar, and their newly purchased and under construction Comet Bar, to assess their business practices and provide operational recommendations. Lost Lake, a 24-hour retro diner, serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails to hungry and thirsty guests. Located in the hip area of Capital Hill just east of downtown Seattle, Lost Lake’s blend of lakeside lodge and 1960’s diner provides a comfortable spot to dine anytime of day or night.

The owner’s first restaurant, The 5-Point, originally opened in 1929 and is the longest running family restaurant in Seattle and the oldest bar still in existence in the Belltown area of downtown Seattle. Proud of their “dive bar” title, the often crowded restaurant serves up hearty food and inexpensive drinks in unpretentious surroundings.

With the assessment complete TGRCG has entered into phase 2 of the project rolling out key operating systems to improve throughput, table turns and financial performance. Working in partnership with the restaurant management team, the new systems will improve their already strong performance and around the clock hospitality.