Restaurant Sizes- The New Smaller Footprint

The notion that bigger is better is quickly beginning to diminish among restaurant owners. Many restaurants are downsizing in order to meet the demands of customers in various areas. While they may be losing space, one thing these restaurants are not losing is profits. In fact, these smaller restaurant spaces allow owners to maximize their return on investment, all while keeping customers happy. There are a number of reasons why restaurants are buying into this smaller footprint and statistics show that this idea is paying off.

Reduce Operating Costs

Smaller restaurants cut down on more than just square footage. They cut down on operating expenses as well. The smaller footprint allows for lower rental cost and construction cost. Furthermore, it reduces energy consumption and energy related expenses. When the restaurant is smaller, it also allows for fewer employees and overall operating costs.

The Demand for Fast Casual Dining

These days, the customer is craving a dining experience that is quick, casual, and affordable. For this reason, many restaurants are offering in-line ordering to accommodate customers more quickly. This cuts back on the amount of time customers are in the restaurant, eliminating the need for a great deal of space. Many customers also desire outdoor patios, which in turn cuts back on the amount of square footage needed indoors. A quick service restaurant allows for greater efficiency, which ultimately leads to greater profits.

Consumers Want Take-Out

The millennial mind set consumer is one that is fast-paced and on-the-go. Thus, people want restaurants that offer take-out options. Designing a space that includes pick-up windows for call ahead and take-out orders, allows indoor seating space to be reduced.

Nontraditional Venues

Some restaurants are also choosing to make their mark in nontraditional venues such as airports, universities, and shopping malls. This allows restaurants to serve a specific niche market in a small space. This has proven to be a successful business venture for some restaurants. For example, imagine traveling in and airport that doesn’t have the aroma of fresh Cinnabon cinnamon rolls!Whatever the reason, “less is more” certainly seems to be the current trend for restaurants today. This strategy seems to be effective at producing higher profits for restaurants while providing a comfortable dining experience for consumers. The new smaller footprint is a restaurant model that is paving the way for future dining.