Is the Recent Pop Up Trend Fading in Popularity?

Are you a foodie on the hunt for a great restaurant with a unique blend of cuisine and ambiance? Do you have an experiential take on dining out? If so, the pop up trend in fine dining may be just what you’ve been asking for—and luckily, it continues to be on the rise. In fact, a recent study shows that now more than ever, people everywhere (not just foodies) are embracing eclectic menus, unique environments and creative locations to wine and dine in. Here’s what the pop up movement is all about—and what the trend tells us.

A New Twist on the Old

The beauty of pop-up restaurants is it offers something for everyone, from the casual diner to an experienced food goer. Pop-ups can be anything from a trendy restaurant with a special ‘one night only’ menu to a uniquely theme menu with personal interaction with the chef, to a ‘funky fried chicken’ series at an underground supper club location.

The benefits are vast—some restauranteurs want to expand their brand and their creativity without having to commit to another restaurant in the process. Others love the flexibility and freedom that pop-up events offer them—it’s a rare chance to expand upon their already-in-existence menu, and interact with their customers.

In a study done last year by Eventbrite, in which 2,000 people were surveyed after attending a pop-up event, nearly 75 percent of its attendees believed that the unique dining experience was worth the hike in price. And, half of the event’s attendees said that they would gladly pay more for a meal in which they could interact with the chef, or dine in a unique location, as opposed to the same old, same old restaurant they have grown accustomed to.

Pop-up restaurants are everywhere, and after a short lived decline in 2014, they continue to be on the rise once again. After all, when asked what a pop-up is worth, 83 percent of its attendees said they would rather pay money and enjoy a night of great food at a unique location than a traditional one. From Miami to Switzerland, be on the lookout for unique dining experiences, in even more unique locations. From specialized cuisine to a new twist on good old comfort food from your childhood, you’re bound to find an event worth salivating for!