Rebranding at the Historic Pike Place Market

PEAR DELICATESSEN & SHOPPE – Seattle, Washington

Pear Delicatessen & Shoppe is located in the Champion Building, a building rich in Pike Place Market history. Originally built in 1928 the structure has housed a cab company, meat packing facility, hot dog stand, grocery, deli and small store. While continuously belonging to the same family since 1950, the store officially evolved into Pear Delicatessen and Shoppe in 2010. This culinary destination is comprised of Northwest specialties, exotic imports as well as innovative artisan fare. Among the Tasmanian honey, Washington preserves and designer chocolates one also discovers glassware, books, aprons and an amazing deli.

The kitchen at Pear Delicatessen and Shoppe includes a variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, signature dishes, daily specials, cheeses and bakery items. They also cater. It is one of the premier delis in the greater Seattle area.

TGRCG recently assessed the Pear Delicatessen business model and is perfecting their operations. Pear Delicatessen has enjoyed study growth over the last several years. Pear now has a comprehensive plan to increase sales while reducing the cost of goods as well as labor. Pear Delicatessen plans to improve margins, which gives this family-owned business the confidence to reinvest in the business and perhaps even rebrand once again. The Pear Delicatessen and Shoppe carries on its success at the Pike Place Market. And it continues to remain a family business and culinary destination!