Put a Little Cherry on Your Sunday (With Insane Sundaes!)

Vivo 53, a restaurant that is known for their pizzas (with a crust so perfect it took them 53 tries to get it right), has been behind the creation of something a little sweeter—insane, off-the-wall, decadent ice cream sundaes. If you want something a little sweet, a little indulgent, and a little bit off of the grid dessert wise, Vivo 53 has your back. In fact, they have four of them for you! Four huge, sharable ice cream sundaes that you’ve never experienced before—just consider them the family style portion of desserts—because kids and adults alike will get full and satisfied one alone.

Nutella Seduzione

Are you in the mood for ice cream and cheesecake? The Nutella Seduzione is your dream dessert, then. A tall sundae glass is packed to the brim with chocolate cheesecake ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, chopped hazelnuts, dark chocolate shavings, and a slice of Nutella cheesecake. Still not sweet enough? That’s ok, because they top it off with more whipped cream, drizzle and a lollipop for the child in you.

Candy Esplosione

Sometimes you don’t really want a 100 percent ice cream treat—especially when you can have plenty of candy thrown in to the mix. Filled with Neapolitan ice cream, and loaded up with chocolate peanut butter brownie pieces, this ice cream sundae includes a health bar, rock candy, chocolate pretzels and whipped cream, but it doesn’t stop there. Your dish is covered in M&M candies, chocolate drizzle and served with a lollipop.

The Neapolitan

Do you want to add some uniqueness to your family fun day? Or for something different to impress your date with? The Neapolitan is a perfect all-in-one (for everyone). This dessert is all Neapolitan, all the way. Served with a monstrous size helping of Neapolitan ice cream and topped with a full size Neapolitan ice-cream sandwich, you’ll also dig into to a super-sized serving of chocolate shavings, maraschino cherries, a swirl lollipop, and plenty of sprinkles to keep the kids happy.

Holy Spumoni

Holy Spumoni? Holy sweetness! This insane sundae will fulfill your spumoni craving in a spoonful (with plenty of spoonful’s to go before you’re done!) Packed with crushed pistachios, spumoni ice-cream, maraschino cherries, crushed rock candy, whipped cream, multiple macaroons, and sprinkles. You’ll impress everyone at your table in one swift swoop (and scoop!)Who said you needed to have dinner before dessert? Whether you’re in the mood for something special, or simply different, the ice-cream sundaes at Vivo 53 will satisfy every craving you have. Spoons up, and enjoy every bite!