Popular Brunch Beverages That Aren’t a Blood Mary or Mimosa

While it’s perfectly acceptable to order a variation of your favorite mimosa or bloody mary at your favorite Sunday morning brunch spot, why not make 2016 the year you try an exciting variation to the old? New Year, new brunch beverage! Here’s a guide to some of the best, tastiest and greatest compliment to your eggs benedict you’ve ever tried.

A Breakfast Margarita

One of the recently growing trends of 2015 (which we know will continue on in 2016) is the breakfast margarita. Since part of the beauty about brunch is the ‘in between meal’ in which you can have a heaping stack of pancakes or a much deserved plate of eggs benedict (with extra hollandaise sauce, please!), you should live it up right—and a breakfast margarita will help you do just that. Whether you try an orange blossom margarita (made with orange marmalade) or a house variation at your favorite brunch spot, you’re going to crank brunch up a notch!

Blood Orange Screwdrivers

What’s brunch without a refreshing drink to accompany your eggs, bacon and hash browns? Add some excitement to the usual brunch staple by trying a blood orange screwdriver! Not too strong, not too sweet and not too eclectic in taste, this brunch cocktail is quickly being seen in restaurants all over—and with good enough reason, too. It’s the perfect blend of blood orange juice, vodka and just a splash of Aperol. The end result? A brunch cocktail garnished with blood orange slices that’s presented beautifully, and hits the spot perfectly!

A Cocktail with Espresso (Don’t Knock it Until You Try It!)

If you’re used to ‘double fisting it’ at brunch—that is, you start off drinking a cup of strong coffee to wake you up, and then switch to your go-to bloody mary or mimosa, we’ve got the winning ticket: a coffee cocktail! You can find them in several variations, including Irish coffee, or chilled. Some coffee cocktails include a shot of espresso mixed with orange bitters and bourbon. Nursing a hangover? Try a cold pressed coffee served over ice, and made with aged rum and crème de cacao. If you’re looking for something strong and stout, ask your waiter for something really special: a hot brewed coffee, made with a shot of added espresso, egg white, whiskey and agave nectar.

No matter what you’re chowing down on during brunch the next time around, make your drink count! Venture into uncharted territory with a new, bold and exciting cocktail. After all, there’s so much more than bloody mary’s and mimosas. Brunch cocktails are endless, so live it up—and drink up!