Performance Management at Buffalo Run Casino and Resort

Buffalo Run Casino and Resort, Miami, OK

After completion of Buffalo Run Casino’s food and beverage assessment, The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group (TGRCG) has been retained to implement new management operating systems, re-write menus and rebrand their fast casual restaurant concept.

TGRCG traveled back to Miami and working side-by-side with the Coleman House Chef team memorialized and standardized all production recipes and procedures resulting in a master recipe manual for the culinary team’s reference. In addition, TGRCG developed a recipe-costing database for theoretical food cost reporting. This enabled Buffalo Run’s executive team to accurately price their menus resulting in a 5% reduction in food costs.

In addition, TGRCG conducted a series of performance management-training seminars with the food and beverage management team. TGRCG’s experience with these management tools has seen the immeasurable benefits performance management training can bring to management teams effectiveness. These training seminars teach hospitality management teams how to manage their individual departments. Included in the seminar materials are effective planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling metrics for improved management team performance. The Buffalo Run Casino and Restaurant team has already benefited from improved communication and performance.

Additionally, Coleman House, Buffalo Run’s elegant fine dining restaurant, and the Gilkey team developed standardized service models and trained staff new service standards. Coleman House is a tribute to the Coleman Theatre Beautiful. Restaurant guests not only share in the magnificence of the historical setting but also enjoy a traditional steak and seafood meal.