New Seattle Gastro Pub Restaurant Concept

New Seattle Gastro Pub Restaurant Concept Seattle, Washington

The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group (TGRCG) just designed the kitchen, bar and service station for a new 6,000 square foot restaurant located in the Belltown area of downtown Seattle. This new international gastro pub’s culinary principles embrace a modern interpretation of old world-cooking techniques. Historically, the Norman invasions introduced exotic spices into the slow cooking techniques of medieval Europe, resulting in a savory herbed stewing method. As a tribute to this regional cuisine, the foundations of the menu include slow cooking with bold global flavors. With over 30 years of food service design experience, TGRCG understands that dining is more than simply eating out, its entertainment within memorable restaurant designs. TGRCG designed the kitchen equipment showcasing the rotisserie, Argentine char grill and several roasting ovens. The bar will comprise a minimum of 60 fresh craft brews and a custom beer cooler design, which includes viewing panels that the bartenders use to access the chilled beverages. Seattle-ites will be drawn into the experience, enjoy the savory slow roasted meats and fresh craft brews in a rugged, gritty and comfortable downtown pub.

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