New Payment Trends in Restaurants

The dining experience is quickly changing as a result of this new generation of tech savvy consumers. Today’s consumers rely on their smartphones and mobile devices for nearly everything, so why not take that technology into the restaurant? Thanks to the many apps, tablets, and mobile services that have recently hit the market, technology is beginning to change the entire restaurant experience.

With the decline of the “baby boomers,” the “millennial” generation is beginning to take over and they now make up the majority of consumers dining out. This generation is certainly fond of technology and is likely to embrace all of the modern conveniences that come with it. Restaurants are seeking new technological trends that will not only make dining out more enjoyable, but more convenient as well. Next to the most popular tech trend of making reservations, mobile payment options are next in line with consumer popularity. For this reason, many restaurants are using various payment methods to entice and delight customers.

Payment Apps

There are a number of apps available that allow users to order and pay for meals using their mobile device. Among these are Seamless, TabbedOut, LevelUp, and Apple Pay just to name a few. While the specific features and options might vary from one app to another, they all give customers the option to make a payment via their mobile device. Many restaurants are beginning to partner with these various app companies to better serve their customers.

Tableside Tablets

Another payment trend becoming more popular in restaurants is a tablet. These tableside tablets make the dining experience more modern, alluring, and convenient. Customers have the option to order and pay for their meals using these tablets, an option that cuts down on wait time and makes payment easy and convenient. Recent studies have also shown that these tablets increase restaurant profits. Customers are more likely to spend more when they have those delicious pictures flashing in front of them and restaurants are able to increase customer traffic because of reduced wait times. Good news for the restaurants!

POS Systems

POS or Point of Sale software is specifically designed to make payment options more convenient for customers. Among the most popular POS brands are Revel Systems and Zapper. These 2 software giants have recently partnered to create a payment system that is seamless and convenient for restaurant goers. Customers will have the option to scan a personalized QR code located on their bill to quickly and easily pay for their meal. Customers will no longer have to wait on their server to pay their bill, and it will help drive revenue for the restaurants.

Today’s consumers are looking for more than just good food and a great atmosphere when they are dining out. They are looking for modern conveniences in payment options as well and restaurants are beginning to catch on. New reports predict that mobile payment options are expected to increase 400% by 2019, making these technological payment options a must for many restaurants. In addition to luring customers with its modern flair, mobile payment trends are proving to be quick, convenient, and profitable for restaurants.