Ghost Kitchens

Thinking about opening a Ghost Kitchen? Think about Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group to assist you.

With over 100,000 virtual kitchens available in the country now, it is a rapidly growing, financially successful market. The growth of third-party delivery systems, such as DoorDash and Postmates, and recently empty restaurant spaces has revealed a unique opportunity for restaurateurs. One example of the popularity growth is employed by a man named Robert Earl.

If you have ordered food from Umami Burger, Sam's Crispy Chicken, Krispy Rice, Plant Nation, Ella Mia, La Gente by C3, Flavortown by Guy Fieri, Mr. Beast Burgers by Jimmy Donaldson, Mariah Carey’s Cookies, or Pauly D’s Italian Subs, you have interacted with Virtual Dining Solutions. VDS is owned by Robert Earl, who is the founder of Planet Hollywood and former CEO of Hard Rock Café. He has clearly been ahead of trends in the past and is a reliable barometer for what will become the next food fad. At the Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group we can assist you in developing your ghost kitchen and providing a big boost to your bottom line. These business models are inexpensive to launch and provide much needed income to sequestered dining rooms.

With the change in modern day amenities, restaurants are evolving. The advent of ghost kitchens has warped the landscape, where “take out” was deemed a dirty word in 2018, the comfort of a person’s home has become their favorite dining destination. GRC is well versed in creating these virtual brands and can bring a concept to life in 30 days.

Though Virtual Dining Solutions found it convenient to place multiple concepts into a single commercial kitchen, it has purchased the real estate in the consumer’s mind to consider ghost dining whenever deciding where to dine. Robert Earl owned the chains Buca di Beppo, Brio Italian Grille, and Bertucci’s before 2020. So, when indoor dining halted completely, it was an easy decision to start moving multiple concepts into the single space. While the typical ghost kitchen operator may not already have a slew of spaces to occupy or a rolodex of celebrities to endorse, the initial footprint of not opening a full restaurant space and full-service staff is an easier feat for any business operator.

The challenge of opening a food service concept without a brick and mortar space is most consumers won’t know the concept exists since there is zero visibility. The key to driving business to the kitchen from online ordering will fall completely onto marketing capabilities. A good online marketing presence will push your brand into the digital wardrobe for a client base. A restaurant wardrobe is what we consider the main seven to eight concepts that people rely on when they don’t want to consider their dinner options. Typically, these categories are occupied by different food ethnicities; one concept would be held by burgers, another by Chinese food, another Italian food, etc. Now people have digital wardrobes and are looking for the same reliable seven to eight options, without taking off their pajamas. And this new psychological trend will not disappear with the reintroduction of indoor dining, post Covid age. The convenience of dining from home has become too accessible in this digital world.

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