Current Interior Design Trends

Your restaurant should be an oasis and a breath of fresh air (with incredible food) from the usual and ordinary restaurant experience your customers are used to. That being said, the interior should be a direct reflection of your effort, hard work and dedication to make it a unique dining experience for all. This year, utilize the emerging interior design trends—sleek lines, mid-century modern influences and mixed metal motifs—all which attract the masses, and create customer loyalty.

Change It Up With Mixed Metals

The London based interior designer, Kelly Hoppen believes that mixed metals are all the rage, and will continue to be. Combine magnetizing silver with warmer metals like rose gold and copper. To prevent the design of each room from looking too patterned, staged and uniform, mix up the mixed metals with a layered look. Layer gold, black and silver to bring in some needed style and vary up your strategic layers by making each room unique with personality.

Clear Was Last Year (Make It Smoky)

One interior design trend you’ll find less and less of is clear glass. By bringing in smoky glass, you’ll bring in both the features of masculine and feminine, and mystery mixed with sultriness. Which type of ambiance would you rather relax in with a martini and artichoke hummus with an assortment of freshly roasted vegetables and homemade pita bread—a clear and slightly invasive glass wall which only gives you partial privacy from everyone else around, or a smoky glass interior which reminded you of a time where the drinks are served to perfection, life moved at a slower pace and dining with a loved one was a sacred experience?

Mid-Century Influences are Aplenty!

Homes and businesses alike won’t be complete without the mid-century modern vibe—and it’s about time. After all, it was the 1930-1960’s that bared such a heavy influence on architecture, fashion and furniture for generations to come. You can count on a more eclectic vibe that includes natural material, warm, gold tones and as the editor-in-chief of Elle Décor magazine says, “beige isn’t going away.” A lounge area is the perfect place to situate a beige couch with accent pillows to create a pop of color for the entire room. Gold inspired lamps are also emerging, and copper is quickly proving to be the most popular of mixed metals.

No matter what trends may be currently emerging, one thing is timeless: the secret of smart and inviting restaurant design is all about presenting an environment that is vibrant but relaxing, and of course, centered around really good food. As you create your restaurant to be the very best it can be, sit in every seat. What’s the visual experience going to be like for your customers? How will they feel? Then, you’ve got your answer, and you’ll undoubtedly make it the most amazing dining experience they’ve ever had.