Celebrity Chefs Opening Hotel Restaurants

These days, it seems like there is very little that celebrity chefs cannot do from book deals, cruise ship restaurants and multiple shows of their own on the Food Network channel. Celebrity chefs have just tapped into another brand venture—hotel restaurants. Gordon Ramsey, for instance, is cooking up at the popular Hollywood Hotel, London. This trend proves to be a huge brand builder for both partners, the hotel as well as the celebrity chef, with endless possibilities for culinary masters, foodies and celebrity chef worshipper.

Chef Inspired Hotel Restaurants Offer Something Unique

Hotels like the MGM Grand and Venetian in Las Vegas, which showcase dishes inspired by celebrity chefs Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, and Thomas Keller (who holds multiple three star Michelin guides) have successfully strived to marry two great loves for the general public: famous chefs and beautiful hotels.

However, not all hotel restaurants are created equal. Each hotel that partners with a celebrity chef has a different vision. While each hotel is seeking mass appeal by placing a popular chef’s name on their front door, some hoteliers are also attempting to individualize their restaurant to the community with which it exists. Other hoteliers are bringing in a friendly feel, so that the restaurant becomes a place not just for out-of-town guests, but also locals to congregate.

The Pros, the Cons, and the Ultimate Advantage for All

Developing a menu that’s consistent with the hotel’s and the chef’s brand is no easy feat. That’s because managing a restaurant within a hotel space is completely different than a restaurant in any other capacity. Hoteliers have to work with corporate and celebrity chefs to incorporate their creativity and vision, while still catering to several menus: dinner, a rapid and hectic brunch or lunch crowd, as well as a room service menu to satisfy guests all hours of the day or night. However, no matter the learning curve, the advantages for both the hoteliers and celebrity chefs far outweigh the challenges.

For chefs, being associated with a hotel brand means there’s a constant rotation of new and returning guests dining at their restaurant. And for hoteliers, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring in locals, changing the way customers think of their hotel’s restaurant. After all, with a celebrity chef’s name attached to it, it’s not just a hotel restaurant anymore; it’s a restaurant that just happens to be located within a hotel.