What Can Full Service Restaurants Learn From Healthy Grab-and-Go Lunches Served at Grocery Stores?

If you’re no longer buying individual items at the grocery store to make up for your weeks’ worth of lunches (and instead choosing a handful of ‘grab-and-go’ pre-packaged lunches), you’re not alone. In fact, many big time manufacturers have jumped on board, selling sandwiches, salads and wraps –and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. What can full service restaurants learn from their emerging trend? This article will cover it all.

Convenient Food, Escalating Profit

Whether you’re looking for a healthy lunch option for yourself, or for your four children and husband, grocery store chains on acting on a hot trend: affordable, healthy and conveniently packaged food for all. Boar’s Head offers grown up ‘lunchbox’ style, gluten free rotisserie chicken, roasted bell pepper spinach wraps, while your grocery store’s sushi counter has sashimi, tofu soft rolls and California rolls stacked up and ready to go (or teriyaki rice bowls for your kids!) Grilled market style salads, and chicken tender meals can be found in supermarkets everywhere (usually found in the deli section), so that everyone can find something ready-to-eat and healthy to fulfill their hearty appetite. However, this popular grab-and-go movement doesn’t stop with grocery stores. In fact, fast food restaurants and coffee shops everywhere have jumped on board. Head to your local Starbucks, and you can find a ‘bistro box’ that includes a protein fueled meal, along with a fruit bar (or bag of popcorn) and a bottle of water. Boston Market, McDonalds, Chick-fil-A and even Jamba Juice offer nutritious, pre-packaged lunches on the go that range from protein bowls (packed with quinoa, roasted veggies and sautéed shrimp) to Mediterranean flatbreads.Since 2013, the average restaurant consumer has seen more and more options for healthy and affordable eating—which includes small plate offerings, half-size portions and even a gluten-free menu (along with special menus for other special dietary needs). But in order for restaurants owners to continue catering to customer’s needs, they’ll need to make food not only healthy—but more convenient and affordable, so that anyone can eat healthy. Restaurants like Everytable, based in Los Angeles, is addressing the problem of healthy eating in poor neighborhoods. They offer healthy grab-and-go restaurants in which the price is ‘fixed,’ allowing everyone to enjoy delicious, healthy food on their budget. Other restaurants across the country (such as Grab-n-Go Catering) are offering healthy sandwich and soup options as well as a selection of low carb and high protein meals, which come ready for you when you order it. Modern day cuisine is about convenience, simple recipes and healthy fare. Now, more than ever, you can get it at your neighborhood grocery store, the local catering company, or even your nearby coffee house. Soon, you’ll find it in your favorite restaurants, because everyone deserves fast, fresh and delicious.