The Banks Alehouse opens in Fairbanks Assisted by The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group

THE BANKS ALEHOUSE – Fairbanks, Alaska

The Banks Alehouse is a hip yet casual neighborhood restaurant and alehouse designed to appeal to all demographics in Fairbanks. Residents of Fairbanks commonly refer to their hometown as the Banks so the owners purposely linked themselves to this area by adopting this name.

The Banks’ owner’s goal was to create a brand where the local Fairbanks community feels at home. The Banks Alehouse provides a rustic yet contemporary level of comfort with a distinctive Alaskan look and feel. While casual, the vibe is also energetic—entertaining and fun.

The Gilkey Restaurant Group assisted the Banks team in creating a neighborhood establishment for friends to gather within the previous chain restaurant structure. The Gilkey Group supported the owners in their quest for an Alaska-themed atmosphere and menu. The Banks Alehouse floor plan includes a family-style atmosphere on one side and a sports bar on the other. The sports bar includes multiple TVs and numerous craft beers. The décor is Alaskan lodge with natural surfaces, wood tables and chairs, finished cement floors, distressed wood walls and antlers above the door. All creating an inviting ambiance for dining or watching sports.

The Gilkey chefs helped craft a local menu, which includes elk and buffalo burgers, Alaskan halibut and salmon as well as traditional alehouse cuisine of appetizers, pizzas and pastas. The Banks has an all-scratch kitchen. Everything will be made in-house, using fresh and when possible, locally sourced ingredients. The food will showcase bright, bold flavors presented within a casual style. We believe this brand has incredible potential because of the commitment to serving fresh, made-to-order, scratch cooked foods within a local Alaskan establishment.