All Day Breakfast

2015 has come and gone, but one thing is here to stay: the all-day breakfast menu. A rapidly growing trend with both franchise style and neighborhood restaurants alike, it just may be here to stay. Here’s why it may be such a profitable choice for your business, and a convenient option for your customers.

Breakfast is a 50 Billion Dollar Opportunity

Denny’s, Pinkberry and McDonalds have all jumped on the all-day breakfast bandwagon. Subway rolled out their ‘breakfast sandwiches’ a few years ago, which was recently followed up with the all-day breakfast.They want convenience and choice—which is one of the biggest perks when you offer breakfast all day to your guests. They buy breakfast, and take a lunch or dinner on the go, as well—allowing you to double your sale, and double their satisfaction in one swoop. Even businesses like Jamba Juice and Starbucks have started offering breakfast items all day—which, according to restaurant marketers—is a billion dollar opportunity.

Catering to Diverse Lifestyles

Whether you own a full service diner, or an upscale bistro, offering an all-day breakfast can escalate your profit by bringing in old and new clientele. In a recent study done where 1,500 U.S. patrons were asked whether they would want breakfast served all day, 46 percent said yes. The traditional 9-5 job for many people are dwindling, and the dietary needs, convenient and budget of many of your patrons have changed as well.

By giving an additional menu for lunch or dinner—an entire breakfast menu that includes pancakes, eggs benedict, biscuit sandwiches, savory waffles, sausage, bacon and breakfast tacos—you’re catering to the varied tastes of the masses. And, as a result, you’re widening your customer base, strengthening your position in the community and appealing to the young and old!

A Quick Breakfast, a Healthy Choice

One of the most appealing aspect of an all-day breakfast menu is its ability to be delicious (without being over indulgent as dinner tends to be), and affordable. More than ever, people are watching what they eat, monitoring their portions and making smarter, nutritional choices. An all-day breakfast allows you to improve your heart-healthy menu, and support customers in their health related goals. Eggs, whole grain toast, hash browns, oatmeal or quinoa (topped with almonds, cranberries and bananas) can allow your customers to not only have an affordable meal—but a delicious, nourishing one as well.