With Decades of Industry Insight, Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Helped HIDE Become the Best New Bar in Dallas

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With Decades of Industry Insight, Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Helped HIDE Become the Best New Bar in Dallas

The Dallas Observer, a prominent national newspaper, recently named a Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group client to its Best of Dallas 2017 List.

The publication recognized HIDE – Deep Ellum Bar as the Best New Bar in Dallas, Texas for 2017. HIDE first opened its doors in January 2017. The industrial-themed bar, located in the city’s Deep Ellum district, quickly became a popular destination for Metroplex residents. The establishment’s easy-going atmosphere is vibrant, relaxed, and mellow. Local musicians play tunes, while guests enjoy a fantastic cocktail and a flavorful, from-scratch meal.

The HIDE bar is unique in their approach. Expert bartenders use a scientific-driven process to deliver creative cocktails with modern twists. Employees use centrifuges, roto-vaporizers, and other laboratory instruments to produce innovative drinks. All chemistry equipment is used out of sight for behind-the-scenes value rather than a public gimmick. This time-honed process creates tasty, eye-appealing cocktails.

The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group was asked to lead all culinary efforts in launching HIDE. Gilkey developed their menu, designed their kitchen, developed their recipes, organized and trained their culinary team through the opening. As a result of this culinary develop HIDE also was recognized as serving some of the best food in Dallas. https://www.thrillist.com/eat/dallas/best-new-restaurants-dallas-2017. Thrillist recognized HIDE as the bets new restaurant for 2017.

Nick Backlund HIDE proprietor says, “The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group is a great consulting firm. They gave us personalized attention throughout the development of HIDE by crafting a menu, developing of food, designing our kitchen, developing our BOH operations manual and training our staff. Our food is recognized as some of the best food in Dallas. It is because of Gilkey that this has been possible.”

Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group

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