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Every city and region has its own particular special style when it comes to the food locals and city visitors enjoy. In coastal cities fresh caught seafood is king. In the south, slow cooking chili has been perfected to an art form. In the heartland, farm fresh produce is featured prominently, and specialty restaurants catering to specific lifestyles are springing up everywhere. No matter what’s on the menu, if you’re endeavoring to open a new restaurant there are certain elements that every successful restaurant brand requires to be financially strong stable, aesthetically appealing, and competitive within the marketplace.

With industry experts like Gilkey Restaurant Consulting on your team, your brand platform can be creative, dynamic, and wildly successful, no matter how unique the concept or how competitive the landscape. After working with many top industry professionals to open and operate over 100 successful restaurant brands across the country, we have the expertise you need to launch your restaurant concept and navigate the path to long term success.

Restaurant Start-Up

Gilkey Restaurant Consulting will come alongside your team and lend a knowledgeable hand to guide you through the process of launching your successful restaurant brand. As a full-service restaurant consulting firm with years of experience in the industry, we provide turnkey solutions. From feasibility studies to menu design, lease negotiations, development of a professional business plan, management hiring and training, and financial assessments and sound business practices that will keep your restaurant thriving and profitable, we’ll bring our decades of expertise to bear to ensure your project is successful.

Restaurant Brand Development

If you have an established brand that needs restructuring, Gilkey Restaurant Consulting can help. We have worked with many hospitality businesses across the country to reinvigorate their brand messages, spark new interest and help them stay competitive and profitable.

Culinary Development

One of the main elements of a successful restaurant is top quality, delicious, creative food. It’s not enough to have a great chef, top-notch professional kitchen, and stunning décor; the food has to be delicious and creative as well. We’ll help you design a menu that embodies the spirit of your brand, work with you on recipe development, creating new offerings, and improving on existing fan favorites that will have your guests coming back again and again, and bringing their friends with them.
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