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Location:  Alaska

The King Salmon Restaurant is an exciting new addition to the Denali Princess Wilderness Resort where Princess guests can experience Alaska. This semi-upscale restaurant concept developed and designed by The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group engages all the senses by creating a restaurant that is both entertaining and educational. From the rich textures and authentic Alaskan artifacts to the aromas of fresh Alaskan Seafood roasting over a fire grill, this restaurant is unlike any other restaurant found in the lower 48.

As you pull open the massive wooden doors you are greeted by the oversized painting of Mt. McKinley. It’s huge and colorful. The waiting area is lined with chinked log walls, brightly colored oriental rugs, cast iron wood stoves, and button down couches resulting in a uniquely Alaskan look and feel.

Entering the dining room one notices the curvilinear floor plan broken into spaces within spaces creating movement in the layout with no straight lines. There’s stuffed King Salmons, colorful Alaskan art, and moose antlers mounted on roughed bead board walls, all reminiscent of classic Alaskan roadhouses. Five floor coverings include wood block mosaics, rich multihued carpets, penny tile, and crackled wood planks with marble transitions. Three varied tabletop finishes of warm colored stones, natural woods, and soft zinc add to the guests’ experience.

Nevertheless, Fresh Alaskan Salmon is the star in this restaurant! This is the only restaurant where guests can sample over 5 different types of Fresh Alaskan Salmon using numerous cooking methods.

To finish your dining experience guests take home recipes cards signed by the Chef so they can bring a part of their Alaska trip home to share with family and friends.

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